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SecureMeet is your answer to safe, private online meetings.

Meet Singapore's first identity verification & authorisation app for web conferencing

SecureMeet is enabled by SingPass – the national digital identity for Singapore residents

What is SecureMeet?

SecureMeet is Singapore’s first authorised verification app to keep your online meetings protected.

Enabled by SingPass, SecureMeet ensures your participants are really who they say they are.

The app allows authorised participants to log in with their individual SingPass accounts. This means you have control over who attends your meetings, with worry-free secure identification.

SecureMeet is brought to you by ThunderQuote, specializing in digital solutions for the non-profit and public sectors.

Why SecureMeet?

We realised that although online meetings have become the ‘new normal’, how can we be certain of our attendee’s identities?

Hidden behind muted microphones and blank video feeds is a potential threat to the privacy and security of your meeting.

This is why we created SecureMeet. A simple solution to ensure that your participant’s identities are verified, authenticated, and kept secure.

Your AGM problem, solved

Is your organisation looking to conduct your Annual General Meeting (AGM) but are facing issues due to the COVID-19 crisis?

SecureMeet is here to help!

Many organisations have all the boxes ticked when it comes to online AGMs, except for one thing: identity verification and authorisation. Your standard video meeting apps do not have the ability to verify participants’ identities while also keeping their votes and nominations anonymous. That’s where SecureMeet can fill the gap.

SecureMeet provides authorised verification for attendance, polling, and many other features necessary in an AGM. It is the perfect add-on to your preferred video conferencing software.

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Are you a non-profit organisation?

How can SecureMeet help you?

Secure Identity Verification

Keep your online meetings secure by only allowing verified participants in. 

Authorised Entry Only

You decide who is authorised to join your meetings. All participant data will be kept private in our encrypted blockchain-based centralised ledger database.

Anonymous Polling, Voting & Nomination 

 Let voices be heard through in-app polling, voting, and nominations. Votes can also be kept anonymous for utmost privacy.

In-Built Q&A

Raise questions and concerns through the in-app Q&A feature.

Attendee & Meeting Management 

Assign participant roles, schedule meetings, and invite attendees.

No Integrations Required

SecureMeet works best alongside your meeting app of choice, no integrations or installations needed.

When should you use SecureMeet?

SecureMeet is perfect for any online meeting, regardless of size and objective.

Have questions about SecureMeet? Click the link below to read our FAQs!

The Ultimate Guide To Virtual AGMs

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SecureMeet is your answer to private, safe online meetings.
The SecureMeet app features:
– Secure identity verification & authorisation
– Encrypted blockchain-based database
– Anonymous polling, voting, and nominations
– In-built Q&A

– Attendee & meeting management

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