SecureMeet - Frequently Asked Questions

SecureMeet is Singapore’s first SingPass-enabled authentication and verification app to keep your online meetings protected. Prevent unauthorised and unverified people from attending, voting or submitting nominations in your high stakes committee meetings and AGMs. Enabled by SingPass Mobile and blockchain-based quantum database encryption, it ensures that your meeting will only be joined by authorised participants, and those who are voting and in attendance are truly who they say they are.

SecureMeet’s main feature is identity verification and authorization. This means your online meetings will be kept private and secure from outside parties. The app also features:

  • Anonymous polling, voting, and nominations
  • In-built Q&A
  • Attendee management
  • Meeting and organization management

AGMs, whether virtual or not, require certain functions such as voting, nominations, and attendance tracking. SecureMeet provides all of these features and more, with added security and encryption for worry-free meetings. 

Our identity verification feature ensures that only authorised participants are allowed into your virtual AGM. The app’s seamless SingPass login means that you can be certain of your attendee’s identities, even if they aren’t physically present.

SecureMeet offers anonymous voting, polling, nomination, and Q&A features. This ensures that all voices will be heard but also kept anonymous if required.

For a complete guide on how to organise your own virtual AGM, click here!

All participant and meeting data is securely encrypted and stored in our blockchain-based centralized ledger database.

SecureMeet is built to run on mobile and desktop browsers. It is an online app that requires no installation, so any smartphone or PC with a browser will do!

SecureMeet is enabled by SingPass – the national digital identity for Singapore residents. When hosting meetings on SecureMeet, you will need to upload a list of authorised participants. With SingPass, participants can prove their identity when logging in using their SingPass Mobile app. This helps to ensure that your participants are who they say they are.

Use SingPass Mobile for a seamless meeting experience. Find out more about SingPass Mobile here.

SecureMeet can be used by any organization, especially larger ones whose online meetings are attended by many participants.  

SecureMeet is built to be used alongside your preferred online meeting app, and can be used anytime! The app is especially handy for annual general meetings (AGM), board meetings, company-wide meetings, and other instances where security is of the utmost concern.

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