Virtual AGM Grant Eligibility Check

Are you a non-profit organisation in Singapore?

Are you planning to conduct your Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually this year due to COVID-19?

If yes, good news! You might be eligible for the VCF IPG Pre-Scoped Consultancy Grant by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS).


This grant is aimed to assist Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in investing in video conferencing technologies, in order to ensure business continuity during the current period of crisis. This also includes virtual AGM arrangements, which might require purchase of hardware devices or software subscriptions.

The grant covers up to 80% of the approved project cost or actual expenditure (whichever is lower), with a maximum of $8,000.

Click here for more information on the VCF IPG Grant and to submit your application. To find out if your organisation is eligible for the grant, please use our eligibility checker tool below.

Please note that this is not a grant application. Meeting all the criteria does not guarantee grant funding for your organisation. Applications are subject to approval from the grant issuer.

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