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SecureMeet is your answer to safe, private online meetings.

Meet Singapore's first Singpass-enabled Virtual AGM system to convert
any videoconferencing tool into a secure AGM / EGM, with 100% verified attendance, Q&A, and voting.

SecureMeet is enabled by SingPass: the national digital identity for Singapore residents

Remote Working Aid

With the advent of remote working and work-from-home (WFH) measures in place, SecureMeet is happy to offer a limited-time promotion to aid you in your telecommuting. 

COVID-19 Package

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How can SecureMeet help you?

Secure Identity Verification

Keep your online meetings secure by only allowing verified participants in. 

Authorised Entry Only

You decide who is authorised to join your meetings. All participant data will be kept private in our encrypted blockchain-based centralised ledger database.

Anonymous Polling, Voting & Nomination 

 Let voices be heard through in-app polling, voting, and nominations. Votes can also be kept anonymous for utmost privacy.

In-Built Q&A

Raise questions and concerns through the in-app Q&A feature.

Attendee & Meeting Management 

Assign participant roles, schedule meetings, and invite attendees.

No Integrations Required

SecureMeet works best alongside your meeting app of choice, no integrations or installations needed.

When should you use SecureMeet?

SecureMeet is perfect for any online meeting, regardless of size and objective.

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The Ultimate Guide To Virtual AGMs

Need help planning your first virtual AGM? We've got you covered!

We've published an in-depth guide on everything you need to organise your own e-AGM, from the best software setups to essential equipment. 

SecureMeet is your answer to private, safe online meetings.
The SecureMeet app features:
– Secure identity verification & authorisation
– Encrypted blockchain-based database
– Anonymous polling, voting, and nominations
– In-built Q&A

– Attendee & meeting management

Secure your online meetings now!

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